Rural Initiative

SubmitIn continuation to serve better G.V.Meditech and Samutkarsh Welfare Services (SWS) have come together to provide healthcare facilities to the masses.

G.V. Meditech is providing primary healthcare services (free consultation, medicines and diagnostics) at the following centres:

 Kasimabad- Ghazipur  Durgawati- (Bihar)  Lalganj- Azamgarh  Aurai- (Varanasi)  Jamalpur- Mirzapur  Jansa- Varanasi

Qualified doctors and staffs/ nurses of the hospital visit at the individual Poly Clinic weekly/ fortnightly for full day. In due course the above micro clinics will be connected with Telemedicine facility which will be beneficial for customers of Samutkarsh to get the super Specialist’s services at their door step.

In addition to these health centers, the mobile medical and dental team travels to remote areas in and around Varanasi and even parts of Bihar at regular intervals to provide health checkups, health camps, dental camps, health awareness camps, social awareness camps, and to distribute free medicine.

G.V. Meditech has organized more that 150 health camps inorder to create awareness and educate people.

To address unmet healthcare needs of rural India we have also collaborated with ITC’s e-Choupal platform.

The project has been started with an objective to bring good quality healthcare at affordable prices to the villages covered by their e- Choupal network. Providing access to villagers at an affordable cost close to their home is the biggest challenge. This even force the people living in the rural parts to depend on the services of local practitioners, most of them not even qualified to practice medicine.

Thus, G.V. Meditech is playing an important role in catering healthcare services closer to their home. This includes visits at regular interval by a team of general practitioner, a licensed pharmacist, and a pathologist and using Telemedicine consultation for specialty consultation on an as-needed basis. As part of this collaboration we have organized various health camps to provide quality healthcare services at an affordable range.